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Aluminum Tubes Supplier

BK-ALPROF is one of the leading custom aluminum profile extrusion companies and the best aluminum tubes supplier in the industry. Corrosion-resistant aluminum tubing of the highest quality is suitable for all kinds of interior and exterior projects. Our aluminum tubes’ stock covers standard industry sizes. In addition to that, there is an opportunity to make a custom order with precise specifications to meet your exact business needs.

On our site, you can find aluminum tubes of all standard shapes: square, rectangular and round tubes for different purposes or order a custom aluminum tube. BK-ALPROF is the best aluminum tubes supplier for your business.

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Profiles types

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Extrusion of profile

BK-ALPROF provides a wide range of services for the aluminum extrusion and the supply of aluminum profiles of various shapes and sizes. All products are made of aluminum alloys 6063 and 6060 with the government standards DIN EN 12020:2 at ISO certified company.

On our site you can find aluminum products of standard shapes (flat bars, square, rectangular and round tubes) for different purposes or order a custom aluminum profile. BK-ALPROF is an aluminum profiles supplier, that meets all the needs of your business.

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