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Aluminum profile — production

As of today ООО «BK-ALPROF» is one of the aluminum industry leaders in Russia. The main types of the company activity are the following ones: casting of solid extrusion billets, extrusion, coating and anodizing of aluminum profile, translucent structures production.
The enterprise is equipped with the modern highly technological equipment of the European level. Products are being made at three press lines, two of them are on the base of hydraulic presses with capacity 12500 kN each and one is manufactured by the Italian company OMAV, on the base of the press SMS with capacity 18000 kN. The productivity is 18000 t of profiles per year. The complexes are equipped with the modern computer automated control system, ensuring reliable work of all the machines, precise compliance with the set technological parameters. Raw materials of own production, meeting requirements of governmental standard GOST 4784-97and international standards DIN-EN 573-3 are used for extrusion of aluminum profile. Compliance of products with the requirement of governmental standards GOST8617-81, GOST22233-01 is confirmed by the Certificate of conformity №PОСС RU.АЕ58.Н11994. Nomenclature groups of manufactured aluminum profiles are being constantly updated, taking into consideration new requirements in construction, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, new structures, complying with the construction industry needs, are being developed.

High degree of automation and speed of orders fulfillment
Modern automated equipment, flexible system of planning and individual approach to our Customers’ needs allow to fulfill orders within the shortest timelines, providing our clients with high-quality products with the necessary consumer properties.
Competitive prices
Consistently complying with the products quality requirements and executing delivery performance, we offer optimal prices for our profile to provide Customers with competitive products.
Modern highly technological equipment
The enterprise is equipped with the modern highly technological equipment of the leading world manufacturers, all the processes at every production stage are maximally automated, ensuring high level of productivity.
High quality and endurance of the decorative coating
The highest quality and durability of the decorative coating are ensured thanks to the full cycle of the surface preparation before putting protective coating, modern equipment and use of chemicals of the leading European makers.
Raw materials of own production
We are completely protected against failures related to supplies of raw materials for pressing aluminum profile, independently providing production with proper quality ingots with necessary chemical composition, meeting requirements of Russian and international standards GOST 4784–97; DIN-EN 573-3.