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BK-ALPROF is a world-class aluminum extrusion company that supplies profiles of different sizes and shapes with value-added fabrication technologies. Founded in 1999, BK-ALPROF has become an experienced Russian aluminum profile manufacturer equipped with modern highly technological machinery. Our own raw materials comply with the latest international standards. We also specialize in the coating and anodizing of aluminum shapes, casting of solid extrusion billets, production of translucent structures, and more. All extrusions are made of alloys 6060 and 6063.

We can send you a sample of our production so that you can make sure it perfectly meets your needs.

How does it work?

1. Custom Order Design
Analyze your needs and get in touch with our custom design service. Meet all of your requirements with endless aluminum extrusion possibilities.
2. Aluminum Production
We do casting and extrusion to make your aluminum extrusion products outstanding. We also make translucent aluminum structures.
3. Aluminum Finishing
We offer attractive aluminum finishing techniques including anodizing, powder coating, and more.
4. Packaging & Delivery
BK-ALPROF offers custom packaging solutions suitable for all extruded aluminum shapes. All products will be safely delivered within a fixed time.

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Our mission is to provide superior quality aluminum profiles, manufacturing, and outstanding individualized customer service. We value strong, long-term business relationships. Our team of specialists will transform your concept into reality without any delay.

Headquartered in Belaya Kalitva, Russia, our company offers a full complement of computer-controlled extrusion presses. Our production capacity is 18 000 tons of aluminum extrusions per year which enables us to meet the needs of countless clients from Russia and abroad.


We have been ordering aluminum profiles from this company for a year now. All the workpieces are made based on our drafts. Excellent quality aluminum extrusions and reasonable prices. Also, the fast manufacturing process, as a rule.

Michael Pavlov , INASA

Received our custom aluminum profiles for window frames just a few weeks ago. We’re very pleased with the quality and their quick work. Smooth process without any delays. Perhaps one of the best aluminum companies we’ve ever cooperated with.

Philipp Rossi


What is extruded aluminum?

Extruded aluminum is aluminum made by means of extrusion. Extrusion is the process of creating an object by forcing a piece of heated metal (billet) through a die to get a desired cross section.

Items made by this process can also be called extrusions.

What is an aluminum profile?

An aluminum profile is basically another name for an aluminum extrusion. Aluminum profiles are a modern, durable, lightweight construction material that allows you to implement a variety of architectural and design solutions — from an ordinary window to a complex engineering object. The most common way of processing a profile is powder coating technology.

Molten aluminum poured into a mold is the most widely used way to get aluminum shapes. With such shapes also being referred to as “profiles”, we use the terms “profiles” and “extrusions” interchangeably.

What are aluminum extrusions used for?
They are used for making constructions that require both improved strength, corrosion resistance and excellent appearance. By this method, it is possible to produce aluminum shapes for a plethora of fields. The main areas of its use are architecture, automobiles, ships, aircraft, electricity, mechanical engineering, chemistry, food processing, etc.
Why choose anodization for aluminum extrusions?

Anodizing of aluminum profiles (and alloys based on it) is electrochemical oxidation of the aluminum surface of the product. The goal is to create a strong oxide film on it, which has protective decorative properties. It is a very common finishing technique.

Anodizing is applied to profiles in order to:

  • Achieve an increased corrosion resistance;
  • Enable electrical insulation;
  • Minimize dirt retention to make it comply with hygiene requirements;
  • Create a function-specific coating used in machinery;
  • Make it look new;
  • Make it suitable for printing inks;
  • Make it have a long-lasting, weather-resistant color.

Anodizing helps aluminum to achieve an increased corrosion resistance. It is necessary in low-pH environments, as aluminum is found sensitive to in alkaline environments which makes corrosion rate increase. Lime, gypsum, and cement can cause much damage. We can prevent it by covering profiles with a layer of coating.
What about powder coating?

Everyone who has ever come across painting of metal objects knows that painting aluminum is not an easy task. The key challenge is that aluminum products have a very poor adhesion to conventional liquid paints, and after applying the paint, the surface quickly cracks, losing its coating. This is why powder coating is an essential part of producing aluminum.

The powder coating line of BK-ALPROF is based on modern equipment made by German company WAGNER. Extruded aluminum profiles are powder-coated in an electrostatic field in keeping with Russian standard GOST 9.410-88. You can choose from a wide range of colors — more than 200 shades. Glossy or matte. Smooth, varnished, shagreen, moiré, arabescato. The coating thickness is 60-100 microns. The maximum length of the painted profile can be 6.7 m (21.9 ft).

The full cycle of preparation (etching, degreasing, phosphating) guarantees high quality and improved protective properties of paint coatings and an excellent weather resistance for at least 10 years. Quality control of powder coating is carried out by experienced technologists on the basis of our own laboratory.

What is your product manufacturing time?
All our products are made to order. The manufacturing time is 20-30 days, the aluminum manufacturing time itself is 7-20 days (without coating), 15-25 days (powder polymer coating), or 20-30 days (anodizing).
Where do you obtain raw materials for the production of your profiles?
We are the kind of custom aluminum extrusion manufacturers that use raw materials of their own production. The materials meet the requirements of the national Russian standard GOST 4784-97 and the international standard DIN-EN 573-3 and are used for extrusion of profiles. Compliance of our products with the requirements of the national standards GOST8617-81, GOST22233-01 is confirmed by the certificate of conformity №PОСС RU.АЕ58.Н11994. The types of profiles are being constantly updated by taking into consideration the new requirements of construction, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, new structures, and compliance with the construction industry needs.
What equipment do you use to manufacture your products?
We are an aluminum profile manufacturer equipped with modern highly technological machinery complying with the latest European standards. Our products are made by three press lines — two of them are based on hydraulic press systems with a capacity of 12 500 kN each, and the third one is manufactured by the Italian company OMAV, on the base of the press SMS with a capacity of 18 000 kN.
How are the goods shipped, who is responsible for it, is it included in the price?
Various delivery terms are possible. Usually the delivery is carried out by FCA Belaya Kalitva, CIF or DAP. Customs clearance will be dealt with by us. Delivery to Poland lasts 7 days, and 10 days to Italy. Please contact one of our managers by the following phone numbers: +1 718 303 2335, +7 800 500-60-04, or by the e-mail bk-alprof@bk.ru
How can I know the prices?
We create custom extrusions. Everything is individual here. Including prices. So, in order to know the price, please request the quote from our sales team by the following phone numbers: +1 718 303 2335, +7 800 500-60-04, or by the e-mail bk-alprof@bk.ru
Can your extrusions be shipped to the United States or European Union?
Yes, we can ship our aluminum profiles to almost any country in the world.