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Aluminum for Windows – Know All the Pros and Cons

aluminum for windows

Aluminum has been used in construction for decades, making the importance of the material unquestionable. In modern times, engineers and architects have experimented with aluminum fenestration in various architectural structures. You can find them being used in both commercial and residential spaces.

There are multiple materials to choose from when you are replacing or installing new windows. With so many options available in the market, there are chances that you might be struggling to make a decision. While wood was popular in the past, vinyl and aluminum have now become popular for doors and windows.

Aluminum is the most widely used material for window frames in the past few decades. The strength, durability, and slim frames make aluminum windows the ultimate choice for modern homes. Many styles and designs are available that can give a different look to the interior.

To know more about aluminum windows, we have explained their advantages and disadvantages below:

Pros of Aluminum Windows


While being light in weight, aluminum carries immense strength. Because it is lighter than other materials, window installation becomes easier. As compared to the sashes and conventional wood frames, it will last longer due to its durability. If the circumstances stay favorable, these windows can last even for decades.

Aluminum is a sturdier window material than vinyl too. While vinyl windows can survive most weather conditions, they cannot withstand extreme heat or extreme cold like aluminum does. If you live in a place where climate fluctuates dramatically, your choice should always be aluminum.

Low Maintenance

The weather and wear require you to look after the wood frames. It becomes impertinent to paint and renew them frequently. Wood can also expand or contract around the window openings and glass panes. Vinyl windows may also fade in color, grow dingy, or warp when exposed to heat or sunlight.

One of the best things about aluminum windows is that they are maintenance-free. The coatings on the windows retain their appearance until aluminum starts corroding. Regularly wiping dust and debris is all that is needed to keep the integrity of these windows and give them a longer life.

Slim Profile

If you are fond of splendid outdoor views and sunlight, you would definitely like to have large windows in the house. You do not need old-fashioned and thick wooden frames that take up much of the view. The best option for your contemporary home is an aluminum frame that allows for more glass space.
If you want to create large glass windows, aluminum is the perfect material because of its strength and resistance to decay. Aluminum doesn’t need to be super thick to hold on to the window panes. Aluminum windows provide beautiful and unobstructed views of the garden or the countryside.

Energy Efficiency

Aluminum conducts heat. Thus, heat transfer can make it difficult to maintain the temperature of the room. But, this may also reduce heat inside the house, decreasing energy consumption. However, the thermal-break technology has revolutionized aluminum windows, providing optimal insulation at all times.

This system is different from the traditional insulation methods as there are air gaps between the frames. Since air lowers the intensity of heat, the inside of the house does not get warm as the temperature increases outside. Shading the area can also maintain the insulation power of aluminum windows and improve energy efficiency.


For those who want a modern-looking house that belongs to the future, aluminum has to be their choice for the windows. You can pick from a range of colors and finishes, and get a stunning metallic finish. Any window configuration is readily available and you can always paint or enhance the frame to get a contemporary or a vintage look.

You can customize your windows according to a particular shape and cut. There is no match when it comes to aluminum’s versatility in appearance. And, you can easily opt for various colors thanks to the paint-friendly nature of the material. Powder coating can also be used to bring a unique appearance.


We need to be careful about our environment more than ever, and metal wastes can prove to be extremely toxic for it. Aluminum is one metal that can easily be recycled, saving you from the guilt of adding waste to the planet. As you replace your aluminum, no environmental damage occurs.

Any recycling company can take care of disposing of the metal. When the lifespan of a window ends, the metal can be melted and converted into other useful products. Moreover, these window frames come with a very long life, so might not even have to replace your window anytime sooner than a decade.

Cons of Aluminum Windows

Visible When Damaged

When an aluminum window chips or dents, it is visible. The aesthetics of your house may start to compromise after a while if you are not vigilant with the upkeep of the windows. On the other hand, when a vinyl window chips in the same way, you won’t have to see the dents or chips as the materials stay consistent throughout.

For your beach home, aluminum is not the right material. It may be water-resistant but suffers from corrosion because of the salt and moisture in the air. The corrosion leads to poor frame performance and hardware issues. It is also susceptible to condensation that causes extra moisture, rust, and mold.

High Cost

The cost is as important as any other factor when you are choosing a window frame material. If one has to replace all the windows in the house, then going for aluminum might be a costly option. It can bring a hike to your overall budget and may cause disruption in the process of construction or renovation.

While wood and fiberglass are more expensive as compared to aluminum, vinyl windows are cheaper. You can save around 30% of the cost by going for vinyl frames. Moreover, other factors like manufacturer and quality can also increase or decrease the total expenditure.

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The effort and quality that goes into producing the products ensure that their appearance and durability lasts for a couple of decades under continuous exposure to moderate climatic conditions. 

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