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At BK-ALPROF, we supply extruded aluminum framing systems and other custom products of various lengths and sizes. These systems are commonly used in such applications as mosquito nets, office partitions, and furniture elements. With such metal as aluminium, you know you will get a lightweight and corrosion-resistant construction that can be used both indoors and outdoors. 

Our company is one of the best custom aluminum profile extrusion manufacturers. We have been professionally manufacturing various aluminum items for over 20 years. We offer a wide range of extrusions for sale - everything from anodized aluminum tubing to industrial beams.

Ordering Extruded Aluminum Framing

We make products using 6060 and 6063 alloys. We always use our own raw materials to guarantee the highest quality of extrusions. Our customer service managers are always there to help you find a solution for your projects and business. To get your solution today, use the form below, call us at +1-718-303-2335 or send an email at bk-alprof@bk.ru. Let’s talk and create great aluminium extrusions together! Aside from framing systems here you can order aluminum trims. Your order will be completed in 10-20 days after a 50% prepayment.

Framing Systems Made by BK-ALPROF

Whether you are looking for standard-sized aluminum profiles or need to place a custom order for your project, we are ready to meet your exact requirements. When you choose BK-ALPROF, you know you will work with experts in the industry whose skills are based on many years of experience.

Aluminum structural framing systems are easy to assemble and modify without drilling or other additional processes. Thus, you can end up getting a full range of custom solutions with a certain number of aluminium profiles at hand. When it comes to choosing and purchasing a high-quality frame system made of extruded aluminium, you can rely on us and our experience.


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