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Extruded Aluminum Shapes

At BK-ALPROF, we manufacture and supply extruded aluminum shapes made of certified high-quality raw materials. Some of these profiles in stock include rectangular, square, and round tubes, as well as angles, bars and tees of various lengths and sizes – we offer a vast variety of standard and custom extruded aluminum shapes. All these shapes are available in 6060 and 6063 alloys. In order to get more information about them, contact us by filling out the form below or call at +1-718-303-2335.

Extruded Aluminum Profiles

Aluminum profiles featuring a clear coat layer that protects the metal from the environment can last for more than a dozen years keeping their excellent condition without losing any of the qualities. Their color will stay unchanged for many years even with constant exposure to humidity and direct sunlight. High levels of strength, resistance to rust and corrosion allow this wonderful material to be used in complex structures where safety and reliability are of utmost importance.

Extruded aluminum profiles boast increased strength and outstanding durability exceeding other types of profiles on the market. High aesthetic qualities, malleability, non-toxicity, lightweightness, affordable cost – all this makes our aluminum a highly desirable material.

Aluminum Profile Types

The market abounds in aluminum profile types. It all comes down to how these types end up being used. The extruded shape got its name from the production method – it is produced by extruding (or squeezing out) aluminum melt. 

All the types can be found in the extruded aluminum shapes catalog on our website. Types of aluminum profiles depend on the way you intend to apply them. Furniture production and construction are similar to each other in the essence of the process and the desire for practical and convenient material. Among the most popular types are the following:

  • Round tubings;

  • Rectangles;

  • Angles;

  • T-shaped; 

  • C-Shaped; 

  • I-shaped;

  • Window ledge profiles;

  • Aluminum beams;

  • Mouldings;

  • Comb type profiles.

High Standards of Aluminum Extrusion Shapes at BK-ALPROF

BK-ALPROF is your reliable supplier of aluminum profiles. The quality of the broad array of aluminum extrusion services we offer is corroborated by the German national organization for standardization. All the shapes created by our company consist of alloys 6063 and 6060 with the DIN-approved standard EN 12020:2.

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Profiles types

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Extrusion of profile

BK-ALPROF provides a wide range of services for the aluminum extrusion and the supply of aluminum profiles of various shapes and sizes. All products are made of aluminum alloys 6063 and 6060 with the government standards DIN EN 12020:2 at ISO certified company.

On our site you can find aluminum products of standard shapes (flat bars, square, rectangular and round tubes) for different purposes or order a custom aluminum profile. BK-ALPROF is an aluminum profiles supplier, that meets all the needs of your business.

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