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Bkalprof is a company that makes and sells aluminum angles in a variety of leg sizes and lengths. We make aluminum extrusion products for both structural and decorative purposes. Aluminum alloy 6060 is known for its strength and great weldability. In cases, when strength is not the main required feature, aluminum alloy 6063 is used for almost as many applications.

Aluminum Angle | Uses & Sizes

There are many aluminum angle sizes and ways to use them. Angled aluminum is a great material to be used in structural projects as it is light, strong, and easy to customize depending on the way you need to use them in your business. Aluminum angles are used in a wide range of industrial applications, such as aircraft construction, racks, machine parts, furniture applications, supports, decorative elements, and many more. Our angled aluminum extrusions are available in a variety of anodized and mechanical finishes and different aluminum angle sizes. They can certainly add an aesthetically pleasing element to any architectural or design project. This is a material that is easy to maintain and clean, which makes them a long-lasting, sturdy, and nice addition. At Bkalprof, we offer aluminum angles of different sizes, but there’s also an opportunity to place a custom order for your individual purposes.


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