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Aluminum Beams

BK-ALPROF is an I-shaped aluminum beam distributor. Our aluminum products are available in alloys 6060 and 6063.

Aluminum beams are I-shaped products. Due to their design, strength, and resistance, they are often used in the construction industry and structural applications.

Aluminum beams make a commonly used material in various types of constructions where lightweight and vibration-resistant materials are needed. They can resist great pressure applied to them. They are often employed as support pieces.

Why Choose Aluminum Beams

People choose aluminum beams for a number of reasons. This metal is light and strong, which is a combination that aluminum is well-known for. It is also corrosion-resistant so it can be used in construction in stressful environments. The last important reason is that aluminum beams are cheaper than those made of stainless steel, they respond well to welding and are easy to make.

Aluminum beams are used for a variety of industrial applications, including:
  • constructions where support pieces, such as aluminum beams can resist great pressure,
  • framework,
  • vehicle components,
  • railings,
  • and overhead supports.

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Profiles types

For detailed information on product and price, please, call on our hotline: +7-800-500-60-04

Extrusion of profile

BK-ALPROF provides a wide range of services for the aluminum extrusion and the supply of aluminum profiles of various shapes and sizes. All products are made of aluminum alloys 6063 and 6060 with the government standards DIN EN 12020:2 at ISO certified company.

On our site you can find aluminum products of standard shapes (flat bars, square, rectangular and round tubes) for different purposes or order a custom aluminum profile. BK-ALPROF is an aluminum profiles supplier, that meets all the needs of your business.

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