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Aluminum Facade Cladding

Aluminum Facade Cladding

At BK-ALPROF, our job is to supply our clients with aluminum cladding that follows international quality standards. We offer customized solutions and are happy to help you find the best possible option! BK-ALPROF is a certified manufacturer of a wide range of aluminum profiles. Contact us via the online form or by calling us at +1-718-303-2335 to get a personalized quote!

In a modern city, there is nothing as stylish and functional as an architectural exterior aluminum wall for a high-rise building. For constructions to not only look contemporary but also be efficient, it is essential to implement progressive technologies throughout the building process.

The leading technology of cladding buildings with aluminum panel facade originated in Norway, as a solution for the harsh climate. The system of suspended ventilated facades allows air circulation between the wall and the hinged aluminum panel. For many years, it remains to be the most advanced cladding method, due to a significant number of advantages:

  • Decrease in the thermal conductivity of a building
  • Sound isolation
  • Possibility for fast all-year-round installation
  • Lowering energy consumption for air conditioning and heating purposes
  • No maintenance required
  • Concealing defects of load-bearing walls
  • High durability and affordable pricing

Cladding that uses the suspended aluminum panel technology is a reliable system that allows lowering the costs during the construction process while facilitating the whole building.

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Looking for a manufacturer who has extensive experience in custom aluminum profiles?

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How many claddings can I order?
At least 500 kg or 1102 lbs.
Can you manufacture facade claddings with a custom design?
We can make custom façade claddings based on your design as soon as possible.
Have you got aluminum claddings in stock?
No. We produce our products after receiving an order.
What type of finishing do you provide?
The claddings can be anodized and powder-coated.
What are the countries that you ship to?
We provide international shipping to all countries.
How much does international shipping cost?
The price of international shipping depends on the number of claddings ordered and the destination. To get the exact price, you can contact our sales team.
Are your claddings recyclable?
Yes, they are made of aluminum which is 100% recyclable.