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Aluminum Framing

Here you can order extruded aluminum framings and other custom products of various lengths and sizes. We make aluminum modular frames for mosquito nets, office partitions systems, furniture elements, and many other purposes. With such metal as aluminum, you know you will get a lightweight and corrosion-resistant construction that can be used both indoors and outdoors. These frames are easy to assemble and modify. Thus, you can end up with a full range of custom solutions with a number of aluminum profiles to use. Also, we can provide you with components and accessories used in framings.

Whether you are looking for standard-sized aluminum profiles or need to place a custom order for your project, we are ready to meet your exact requirements. Our company is one of the best custom aluminum profile extrusion manufacturers in Russia. We offer a wide range of extrusions for sale — everything from anodized aluminum tubing to industrial beams. When you are working with BK-ALPROF, you know you are dealing with experts in the industry with more than 20 years of experience.


BK-ALPROF provides high-quality extruded aluminum extruded into standard and custom shapes. We use aluminum because it’s lightweight and non-reactive, making it the perfect indoor and outdoor solution. Its pliability means we can turn it into intricate shapes such as thin or designed frames around any material you’re using. We can create an aluminum structural framing around glass doorways in office spaces as well as around mosquito nets in homes, custom framings as machine guards, frames around narrow objects such as window ledges or profiles for roll-down shutters.

Custom Aluminum Frames

We create our aluminum framing with the customer in mind. That’s why each of our designs is easy to use, modify, and assemble. If your design requires more than the standard profile shapes we already have, don’t hesitate to contact us. BK-ALPROF only employs experts in the industry with over 15 years of experience to ensure you always receive the best solution. We are ready to meet your project’s exact requirements.

Contact Us to Get Started

Our customer service team is excited to help you get started today. Contact us by phone at +1-718-303-2335, email at bk-alprof@bk.ru, or use the form below. Let’s make excellent aluminum frames together. Aside from framing, here you can order aluminum trims. Your order will be completed in 10-20 days after a 50% prepayment.

What alloys do you use to make modular frames?
We make all of our products using alloys 6060 and 6063 as raw materials. Alloy 6060 is typically used for complex extrusions that require anodizing such as slot aluminum used for interior fittings or heat sink sections. We can also use this alloy to create custom solutions to structural framings thanks to its good weldability.
Alloy 6063 is usually used in intricate extrusions, which is why it’s commonly referred to as architectural alloy. It can be used to create slotted aluminum extrusion that fit into each other to create unique frames that provide structural support. The material used is specifically chosen to make final slot profiles properly.
What is the minimal order quantity?
Your order must weigh over 500 kg or 1102 lbs.
What finishing can be applied to aluminum frames?
Anodizing of silver, gold, brown, pearl or natural aluminum color, and powder coating of a wider range of colors. You can choose only one or both of these methods.
What are your shipping and delivery terms?
We can ship any type of aluminum framing to any country. Contact our sales team for more information.

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