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Aluminum Profiles for Ladders

We produce anodized aluminum profiles for ladders. These ladders are useful and functional products that are indispensable for construction activities. To manufacture them, we use high-quality aluminum profiles designed for high-load structures.


Choose which type of ladder profiles is suitable for your needs and purchase it. You can buy aluminum profiles on this website by filling out the form or by calling us. After the conclusion of the contract, we will fulfill your order and ship it to your destination. If you need specific profiles for ladders, we can manufacture custom profiles of any configuration and size.

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Select for Quote NAME S, cm2 M, kg/m D, mm IMAGE
Select for Quote NAMEAP 137-1 S, cm21.48 M, kg/m0.401 D, mm38.2 AP 137-1
Select for Quote NAMEAP 138-1 S, cm21.817 M, kg/m0.493 D, mm52.32 AP 138-1
Select for Quote NAMEAP 139-1 S, cm22.046 M, kg/m0.555 D, mm55.95 AP 139-1
Select for Quote NAMEAP 141-1 S, cm22.468 M, kg/m0.669 D, mm58.38 AP 141-1
Select for Quote NAMEAP 142-1 S, cm22.2097 M, kg/m0.599 D, mm51.11 AP 142-1
Select for Quote NAMEAP 620 S, cm21.185 M, kg/m0.321 D, mm31.21 AP 620
Select for Quote NAMEAP 621 S, cm21.833 M, kg/m0.497 D, mm60.9 AP 621
Select for Quote NAMEAP 622 S, cm22.243 M, kg/m0.608 D, mm70.6 AP 622
Select for Quote NAMEAP 623 S, cm23.07 M, kg/m0.832 D, mm80.6 AP 623
Select for Quote NAMEAP 748 S, cm22.657 M, kg/m0.720 D, mm64.4 AP 748
Select for Quote NAMEAP 770 S, cm21.103 M, kg/m0.299 D, mm31.21 AP 770
Select for Quote NAMEAP 771 S, cm21.749 M, kg/m0.474 D, mm60.9 AP 771
Select for Quote NAMEAP 772 S, cm22.146 M, kg/m0.582 D, mm70.6 AP 772
Select for Quote NAMEAP 773 S, cm22.870 M, kg/m0.778 D, mm80.6 AP 773
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Depth in Inch: AP 137-1,Web Thick in Inch: 1.48,Flange Width in Inch.: 0.401,Flange Thick. in Inch.: 38.2,Radius: N/A,Fillet: N/A
Depth in Inch: AP 138-1,Web Thick in Inch: 1.817,Flange Width in Inch.: 0.493,Flange Thick. in Inch.: 52.32,Radius: N/A,Fillet: N/A
Depth in Inch: AP 139-1,Web Thick in Inch: 2.046,Flange Width in Inch.: 0.555,Flange Thick. in Inch.: 55.95,Radius: N/A,Fillet: N/A
Depth in Inch: AP 141-1,Web Thick in Inch: 2.468,Flange Width in Inch.: 0.669,Flange Thick. in Inch.: 58.38,Radius: N/A,Fillet: N/A
Depth in Inch: AP 142-1,Web Thick in Inch: 2.2097,Flange Width in Inch.: 0.599,Flange Thick. in Inch.: 51.11,Radius: N/A,Fillet: N/A
Depth in Inch: AP 620,Web Thick in Inch: 1.185,Flange Width in Inch.: 0.321,Flange Thick. in Inch.: 31.21,Radius: N/A,Fillet: N/A
Depth in Inch: AP 621,Web Thick in Inch: 1.833,Flange Width in Inch.: 0.497,Flange Thick. in Inch.: 60.9,Radius: N/A,Fillet: N/A
Depth in Inch: AP 622,Web Thick in Inch: 2.243,Flange Width in Inch.: 0.608,Flange Thick. in Inch.: 70.6,Radius: N/A,Fillet: N/A
Depth in Inch: AP 623,Web Thick in Inch: 3.07,Flange Width in Inch.: 0.832,Flange Thick. in Inch.: 80.6,Radius: N/A,Fillet: N/A
Depth in Inch: AP 748,Web Thick in Inch: 2.657,Flange Width in Inch.: 0.720,Flange Thick. in Inch.: 64.4,Radius: N/A,Fillet: N/A
Depth in Inch: AP 770,Web Thick in Inch: 1.103,Flange Width in Inch.: 0.299,Flange Thick. in Inch.: 31.21,Radius: N/A,Fillet: N/A
Depth in Inch: AP 771,Web Thick in Inch: 1.749,Flange Width in Inch.: 0.474,Flange Thick. in Inch.: 60.9,Radius: N/A,Fillet: N/A
Depth in Inch: AP 772,Web Thick in Inch: 2.146,Flange Width in Inch.: 0.582,Flange Thick. in Inch.: 70.6,Radius: N/A,Fillet: N/A
Depth in Inch: AP 773,Web Thick in Inch: 2.870,Flange Width in Inch.: 0.778,Flange Thick. in Inch.: 80.6,Radius: N/A,Fillet: N/A


Aluminum ladder profiles are equipped with grooved treads and restraining straps. The structure is necessary for lifting to a height indoors and outdoors. The ladders made from these profiles are easy to carry and easy to use. Our company has been producing reliable high-quality profiles from anodized aluminum for over 20 years.


The advantages of aluminum ladders include the following qualities:

  • Ease. Due to their low weight, the ladders are mobile, and the folding structures are compact.

  • Strength. Aluminum structures are several times stronger than PVC and wood.

  • Resistance to negative environmental factors. The material does not react to temperature changes, ultraviolet light, and corrosive substances do not crack or warp.

  • Safety. These environmentally friendly products are harmless to health.

  • Reliability. Anodized aluminum structures withstand high loads and do not rust.

  • Cost. Here you can buy aluminum profiles for ladders at a price much lower than in similar companies.

Profiles made for the steps of the ladders are equipped with a corrugated surface. Ladder designs come in an attached form, with two or three sections, or transforming ladders.

Looking for a manufacturer who has extensive experience in custom aluminum profiles?

Tell us about your requests and we will be glad to help you! Click here, fill in the form and get a free quote not more than after 24 hours.

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