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Stretch Ceiling Profiles

Buying stretch ceiling profiles from BK ALPROF means purchasing high-quality products directly from an aluminum manufacturing plant. The service life of a stretch ceiling depends both on the canvas itself and on the reliability of the profile system. Compared to plastic, aluminum structures have proven themselves to be better. Feel free to order your custom extrusions by contacting our sales team.

The main advantages of aluminum profiles used for stretch ceilings:

  • Great durability. Stretch ceiling aluminum profile retains its original properties after repeated disassembly and reassembly of the structure;
  • Strength. Aluminum, unlike plastic, withstands the constant tension of the canvas without deformation, which excludes sagging or folding.
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Select for Quote NAME S, cm2 M, kg/m D, mm IMAGE
Select for Quote NAMEAP 149 S, cm20.712 M, kg/m0.193 D, mm19.2 AP 149
Select for Quote NAMEAP 154 S, cm20.741 M, kg/m0.201 D, mm19.2 AP 154
Select for Quote NAMEAP 601-1 S, cm20.7 M, kg/m0.190 D, mm36.4 AP 601-1
Select for Quote NAMEAP 810 S, cm20.79 M, kg/m0.214 D, mm36.4 AP 810
Select for Quote NAMEAP 816 S, cm20.635 M, kg/m0.172 D, mm18.55 AP 816
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Depth in Inch: AP 149,Web Thick in Inch: 0.712,Flange Width in Inch.: 0.193,Flange Thick. in Inch.: 19.2,Radius: N/A,Fillet: N/A
Depth in Inch: AP 154,Web Thick in Inch: 0.741,Flange Width in Inch.: 0.201,Flange Thick. in Inch.: 19.2,Radius: N/A,Fillet: N/A
Depth in Inch: AP 601-1,Web Thick in Inch: 0.7,Flange Width in Inch.: 0.190,Flange Thick. in Inch.: 36.4,Radius: N/A,Fillet: N/A
Depth in Inch: AP 810,Web Thick in Inch: 0.79,Flange Width in Inch.: 0.214,Flange Thick. in Inch.: 36.4,Radius: N/A,Fillet: N/A
Depth in Inch: AP 816,Web Thick in Inch: 0.635,Flange Width in Inch.: 0.172,Flange Thick. in Inch.: 18.55,Radius: N/A,Fillet: N/A


The BK-ALPROF company offers the following profile aluminum structures:

  • h-shaped. They are mounted on walls, used for harpoon installation. Suitable for glossy, matte, satin film canvases - the fixation technology allows the material to be released without being damaged during repairs. Due to its low elasticity, the fabric cannot be dismantled, therefore it is rarely used with h-shaped elements. Also, due to the combination of compactness and strength, this type of profile is suitable for two-level and multi-level stretch ceilings with a plasterboard box;
  • U-shaped. Designed for installation on walls and ceilings in single-level systems. They are used in combination with fabric canvases. The fastening method depends on the type of profile.
For the possibility of manufacturing an aluminum profile for stretch ceilings of a non-standard configuration, check with our sales team. Both wholesale and retail shipments can be delivered throughout the world.


Profiles for stretch ceilings made of aluminum have increased rigidity compared to plastic products. They also have a positive effect on the installation speed. Thanks to this metal product, craftsmen create original and multi-tiered designs supplemented by decorative lighting.

Our production of aluminum profiles for stretch ceilings provides a wide range of metal products, which can satisfy even the most demanding requirements of any designer or assembly team. The advantages are as follows:

  • Low weight with high strength;
  • A service life of decades that makes ceiling systems durable;
  • Profiles for stretched ceilings can be bought in unlimited quantities and are quite cheap, while its performance significantly exceeds the parameters of PVC profiles;
  • Aluminum is not afraid of high and low temperatures, it is much more resistant to deformation than plastic.
However, it is worth considering that aluminum will not be able to precisely repeat all the irregularities of the walls, which makes it difficult to install them on curved sections.

Contact us to find out how to purchase aluminum profiles wholesale at a reduced cost with delivery to any destination in the world.

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