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Head Rails for Vertical Blinds

To manufacture high-quality aluminum head rails for vertical blinds we use the latest equipment and the most reliable finishing techniques. Contact our sales team to make an order or enquire about any details that you would like to know.

How to Choose Rails for Vertical Blinds 

Vertical blinds are the optimal solution for offices and homes. For the production of a sunscreen system, high-quality components are needed. Such components must not emit toxic substances, but they should be durable and convenient to use. We make eco-friendly extruded aluminum head rails from our own raw materials using the latest equipment, these rails for vertical blinds come in all sizes with a durable decorative finish. The properties of the material make it possible to create lightweight, reliable structures. You can order classic white products or choose other shades of powder paint. 

BK-ALPROF suggests taking a look at the catalog. We will help you make the right choice and buy rails for blinds, all models have specifications, delivery. Place an online order through the website or by phone: +1 718 303 2335.

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Head Rails for Vertical Blinds We Produce

Select for Quote NAME S, cm2 M, kg/m D, mm IMAGE
Select for Quote NAMEAP 026 S, cm21.254 M, kg/m0.34 D, mm50 AP 026
Select for Quote NAMEAP 040 S, cm20.182 M, kg/m0.049 D, mm6.5 AP 040
Select for Quote NAMEAP 462 S, cm21.0221 M, kg/m0.277 D, mm51 AP 462
Select for Quote NAMEAP 547 S, cm21.012 M, kg/m0.274 D, mm51.5 AP 547
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Depth in Inch: AP 026,Web Thick in Inch: 1.254,Flange Width in Inch.: 0.34,Flange Thick. in Inch.: 50,Radius: N/A,Fillet: N/A
Depth in Inch: AP 040,Web Thick in Inch: 0.182,Flange Width in Inch.: 0.049,Flange Thick. in Inch.: 6.5,Radius: N/A,Fillet: N/A
Depth in Inch: AP 462,Web Thick in Inch: 1.0221,Flange Width in Inch.: 0.277,Flange Thick. in Inch.: 51,Radius: N/A,Fillet: N/A
Depth in Inch: AP 547,Web Thick in Inch: 1.012,Flange Width in Inch.: 0.274,Flange Thick. in Inch.: 51.5,Radius: N/A,Fillet: N/A

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Do you ship to all countries?
Yes, we can ship our production to any destination.
How many head rails for blinds can I order?
You can order an amount larger than 500 kg or 1102 lbs.
How do I order custom items?
Contact our sales team by email at sales@bkalprof.ru or call us at +1 718 303 233.