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Aluminum T-Slot Extrusions

Aluminum T-Slot Extrusions

BK-ALPROF manufactures aluminum T-slot extrusions on the most modern equipment according to your custom designs and requirements of any complexity. These profiles are available in numerous widths and lengths. We have over 20 years of experience and can ship your order to any destination in the world.

Aluminum T slots are suitable for various uses; it has excellent durability and high mechanical resistance to environmental factors such as wind and water while requiring very little maintenance. Order aluminum T-slots today by contacting our sales team!

Uses of Aluminum T-Slot Profiles

T-slot profiles are widely used in industrial machinery. With the help of special connecting elements, these profiles can be simultaneously moved along the axis or stay fixed. The main advantage of a T-slot is the stepless positioning of corner brackets, or clamping and fixing elements at any point along with the profile, which is especially convenient when working with aluminum framing.

The great popularity of aluminum T-slot profiles is thanks to the characteristics mentioned above. Its use is widespread both indoors and outdoors in homes and offices. T-slots can be used in windows and doors, machine guards, terraces, and balconies, they are easy to work with, they can be paired with plaster, polycarbonate, glass, and other materials without any problem. Extruded aluminum has yet another advantage - it is corrosion resistant, it will be very durable, and will retain its shape over the years.

Aluminum T-slot shapes as well as other slot aluminum extrusions can be very versatile and cost-effective: according to the specific needs of each project, they can have different finishes that make them very adaptable and suitable for different designs. Having a polished appearance, requiring little or no maintenance, they are preferred in many industries.

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Do you have T-slot profiles in stock?

We do not stock our products, but our inventory of aluminum shapes is so broad, that what you might deem a custom aluminum extrusion may in fact be a standard one ready to ship.

Please feel free to contact our sales team; and if you truly need a custom die for your T-slot extrusions, we will help you design and engineer it.

What colors of powder coating do you offer?
We offer over 200 colors along with 2 types of finishing. Please contact our sales team for further information.
What finishing techniques can you use?

We can use:

  • Anodized finish. It is a process in which a thin layer of oxide film forms on the surface of a T-slot profile, which later acts as a protective coating. This process protects the metal from corrosion and other environmental influences.
  • Powder coating. This finishing technology also allows us to achieve long-lasting and reliable results. The powder layer is evenly distributed on the aluminum surface, and the subsequent polymerization of the particles forms a durable coating of T-slot profiles that will last a long time.
Do you ship to the EU and US?
Yes, we ship our products all over the world. Please feel free to contact our sales team for further information.
What alloys do you use and why?

We use alloys 6060 and 6063.

  • Alloy 6060 is sometimes referred to as diluted aluminum alloy 6063, it is most often used to make pressed T-slot profiles (up to 3 mm thick) with a minimum strength of 190 MPa. It is easy to extrude even with very complex cross-sections. This alloy is widely used in building enclosing structures - windows, doors, facades, as well as in the manufacture of handrails, fences, furniture, sports equipment. Well suited for anodizing - protective and decorative.
  • Alloy 6063 has a minimum magnesium content of 0.45% and silicon 0.20%. The increased minimum of magnesium in comparison with alloy 6060 provides a slightly higher guaranteed strength than that of alloy 6060 - up to 215 MPa. However, the increased magnesium content reduces the extruding speed of alloy 6063 by 15-20% compared to alloy 6060. The scope of alloy 6063 is basically the same as that of alloy 6060 with the exception of very complex and thin-walled profiles such as heat exchange "combs", where it is recommended to use alloy 6060.