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Aluminum triangle tubing is one of the most commonly requested shapes for aluminum extrusions. At BK-ALPROF, you can order custom aluminum extrusions directly from supplier. We are ready to take custom orders according to your exact project requirements.

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At BK-ALPROF, we’re excited to help our customers and strive to provide quick, friendly, and useful service. We provide high-quality, reliable triangular aluminum extrusions at an acceptable cost. You can contact us to place an order or ask questions by calling +1-718-303-2335, emailing bk-alprof@bk.ru, or using the form below. We’re eager to assist you with your extruded aluminum tubing needs.

Application of Triangle Aluminum Tubes

Triangle aluminum tubes can be found in the places where the ceiling and the wall come into contact, on the floor, wall joints, window openings, niches, kitchen sets, furniture, etc. The triangular aluminum profile allows you to organize lighting at an angle (usually this is a 45° angle).

Triangular extruded aluminum is a non-toxic and eco-friendly material. This property determines the use of these tubes in the food industry.

Thin-walled triangular aluminum tubes made of medium and low strength alloys are used as decorative elements, as well as in the manufacture of furniture and commercial equipment. A significant advantage here is the simplicity of construction and the anticorrosive properties of the anodized aluminum, allowing it to be used in open areas.

The benefits of aluminum are endless. It’s a lightweight, flexible metal, allowing it to be easily shaped. Even a thin sheet of aluminum is impermeable, making it non-reactive and a great electrical and thermal conductor. Unlike most other raw materials, aluminum is highly recyclable, making it eco-friendly.

Our aluminum extrusions are resistant to corrosion, making them useful for structural and strength purposes but also for aesthetic designs. Here are some industries that rely on our triangular aluminum tubes.


Triangular aluminum tubing is often used in welding and aerospace projects because it’s non-combustible and can withstand temperatures of up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit.


Since each tube is non-reactive and non-toxic, it can be used to carry fluids, air, oil, and water. This specific property makes the tubes especially useful in the food industry to safely store food and water.


Their non-reactive and malleable nature also makes aluminum extrusions the best material to create heat sinks and other cooling applications.


Their corrosion resistance also allows them to be used in medical tools and equipment such as wheelchair and bed frames as they can be safely sanitized over and over again.


Thin-walled aluminum tubes made with aluminum alloy can be used as decorative elements, like wall panels or furniture such as camp chairs and tent poles. The alloy’s non-corrosive nature allows it to be used in open areas exposed to the elements. This includes a support beam in your porch to light up the space or your kitchen or other areas normally tarnished by strong sunlight.

Custom Aluminum Extrusions

Extrusion is a process of creating objects by pressing the metal through a die of the desired shape. Aluminum extrusions transform aluminum alloys into a variety of products used for industrial and consumer needs. The final product is seamless, increasing the piece’s structural integrity and provides a uniform anodized appearance.

BK-ALPROF offers many aluminum profiles to choose from but also have the capacity to create non-standard types of extruded aluminum triangle tubes. Our custom service allows us to meet any need you may have, regardless of the type of hollow aluminum extrusion profiles needed. We can mold, cut to length, punch, and drill any extrusion as well as form, bend, or miter triangular tubes to specification.

We offer various standard and custom anodized colors and finishes, including brushed metal, satin, powder coating, and Brite dipped. If we don’t already provide the aluminum profile or specifications you need, our expert team of professionals will assist you in designing and engineering one.

BK-ALPROF triangular aluminum extrusions are designed to be simple to use and install and are resistant to wear. All products are made with high-quality aluminum alloys EN AW-6063 and EN AW-6060 alloys complying with government standards DIN EN 12020:2 at an ISO certified company.

You can find other standard shaped aluminum products (flat bars, rectangular, square, or round tubes) on our website. Each shape serves a different purpose, and BK-ALPROF supplies what you need. At the request of the customer, we can produce extruded aluminum triangle tubes of non-standard types.
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What countries can you ship your production to?

We can ship our production to any country in the world. If the destination is located in the EU, the delivery will take about 10 days.

What finishing techniques do you use?
We can apply anodizing and powder coating. You can choose from 200 shades. Smooth, shagreen, varnished, arabescato, moiré. Matte or glossy.
How can I order custom-made tubing?
To order custom-made production, feel free to contact our sales team by phone at +1-718-303-2335, or by email at bk-alprof@bk.ru. Moreover, you can contact us by clicking the ‘request a quote’ button on this page.
How long will it take from order to delivery?
Since we do not stock triangular aluminum tubing, we have to spend about 2 weeks to manufacture the items and about 2 weeks to apply finishing. So, the average manufacturing time lasts 20-30 days.