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Aluminum Tubes Supplier

BK-ALPROF is an aluminum tube supplier with over 20 years of experience. We are one of the leading custom aluminum extrusion companies. Our corrosion-resistant aluminum tubing of the highest quality is suitable for all kinds of interior and exterior projects. We offer not only the standard range of sizes but also an opportunity to make a custom order with precise specifications to meet your exact needs.

On our website, you can find aluminum tubes of all standard shapes: square, rectangular, round, or with any highly non-standard cross-section. We manufacture aluminum tubes to supply them to various organizations all over the world.

BK-ALPROF completes orders within 10-20 days. To ensure a result in line with the latest quality standards we use our own top-rate raw material, certified equipment, and regular quality control checks. 

Aluminum Tube Classification

Aluminum tubes are mainly divided into categories according to their shape. The shapes include:

Applications of Aluminum Tubes

Aluminum tubes have become ubiquitous in the modern world. They have a wide range of industrial applications.

The applications of aluminum tubing that we supply are very diverse. They are most often used in sectors such as metallurgical, electrical, chemical, mechanical, shipbuilding, aerospace, agriculture, and construction. They are used for hydraulic systems and the bodywork of automobiles since they weigh little and reduce fuel consumption. In electronics and electricity, they are used because of their conductivity. In construction, applications are especially extensive: structural components, pipes, window frames, shutters, doors, fences, and even solar panels; the appearance qualities play a fundamental role in this sector.

Using aluminum tubes is highly advantageous for energy-saving. For instance, the connection pipeline between the indoor unit and the outdoor unit of an air conditioner with a lower heat transfer efficiency allows for more energy-saving. In other words, the better the heat insulation effect, the better the energy-saving.

In the manufacture of automobile components and aircraft parts, round aluminum tubes are commonly used. Due to its low weight aluminum is applied in areas where stainless steel will be too heavy. Excellent bending performance, being easy to install and move are among the main advantages too. 

Whatever sector you work in, rest assured, BK-ALPROF is the supplier of aluminum tubes you’ve been looking for.
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Can you ship your production to my Country?
Yes, we can ship the tubes to any country.
What alloys do you use?
Material most commonly used by tube suppliers are aluminum alloys 6060 and 6063. These two alloys have the best extrudability which allows the manufacturer to form more complex shapes.
What finishes can you apply?
First of all, every extruded aluminum item should be heat-treated, and, to further increase durability, properly finished. That is why we apply either powder coating or anodizing to all aluminum tubes that we produce.
What is your minimum order quantity?
The minimum quantity our customers can order is 500 kg or 1102 lbs.