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Over 20 years of experience allow us to offer custom extruded aluminum tubing for the widest range of purposes. The most basic shapes are rectangular, square, triangular and round. These tubes can be used in a variety of applications: bike frames, structural support elements, gas or liquid transportation channels, and many more.

We’ll make tube extrusions in keeping with your specifications. The production of aluminium tubes begins after we receive 50% of a payment. Orders are usually completed within 10-20 days. Aside from tubes we offer other various shapes such as aluminum trims and angles.

Extruded aluminum shapes. Rectangular profile
Aluminum extrusion shapes. Square profile
Aluminum extruded shapes. Round tube
Extruded shapes aluminum. Triangular profile
Extruded aluminum shapes. Angle
Aluminum extrusion shapes. Custom profile


At BK-ALPROF, aluminum tubes and pipes are manufactured in accordance with the international quality standard DIN EN 12020:2. The equipment and technology currently used by the company allow pressing solid and hollow profiles of various configurations and complexity. You can choose profiles from the catalog of standard shapes or place a more complicated custom order.


Depending on the alloy used and the features of the end product the customer looks for, there are three main types of shaping processes. In all the cases of cold, warm and hot aluminum extrusion, billets are forced through a die opening into a required form. When the tube comes out it gets cooled. The cooler and harder it gets, the stronger it becomes.

The process of extrusion starts with aluminum billets that are also known as logs. They are preheated and when still solid, pushed through the die under high pressure. The use of a die allows making seamless tubing extrusions, which are perfect for the transportation of gases as the risk of damage is minimalized.


Their main characteristic is great corrosion resistance, sturdiness, electrical conductivity and reflective capabilities. Due to these features, aluminum products can be used as both heat conducting elements and parts of shield systems.

Moreover, aluminum is an easy-to-customize material, it can be made into different complex shapes such as aluminum framing systems. As the number of product options is practically unlimited with all shapes, lengths, and sizes included, tubes can be used in any industry.


A tube extruded in alloy 6060 requires more modern equipment than working with alloy 6063. Alloy 6063 makes it easier to achieve the required strength due to the increased magnesium content, whereas "diluted" alloy 6060 compensates for the minimum level of magnesium by effective heat treatment. Therefore, working with alloy 6060 requires a more accurate implementation of temperature regimes throughout the process of making extruded aluminum tubes: from casting and homogenization of ingots to heating the billet and the temperature of the extrusion at the exit of the extrusion presses.

This leads to the answer to the question “which one is better?”.

With good equipment and / or highly skilled personnel, 6060 will yield better performance than 6063 aluminum. With outdated equipment and / or low-skilled personnel, it is easier and more reliable to work with alloy 6063.

Also, for more complex extruded tubing or for items with a reduced wall thickness it is better to use 6060 aluminum.

What’s the minimum weight I can order?
The minimum order weight is 500 kg or 1102 lbs.
How can I order custom extruded aluminium tubes?
Send us your specifications. It can be a drawing or a list of desired characteristics. After confirming the order, we will make custom tubes for you. You can use the following dimensions.
How many items have you got in stock right now?
None. We start manufacturing only after the confirmation of an order.
What surface finish can be applied?
It can be anodizing and/or powder coating.
Can you ship the items to my country?
For sure we can! For detailed information, please contact our sales team.
What’s the difference between pipes and tubes?
Pipes transport liquids or gases and almost always have a round shape. Basically, pipes are a category of tubes.


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