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Sliding System (Classic)

Sliding System (Classic)

The company "BK-ALPROF" offers classic sliding systems for glazing. These profiles are made of aluminum using modern technologies. With such profiles, you can make translucent structures of any size and install them both in small apartments as well as in spacious commercial premises.

Sliding profile systems ensure a smooth opening. On metal-plastic rollers, the windows easily move along rails. A double-glazed window significantly increases the heat saving in the house.

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We’ve chosen aluminum as the main material for our products for a reason. Window structures made of this metal are distinguished by their reliability, functionality, and beautiful appearance. Advantages of glazing balconies with aluminum sliding systems:

  • excellent sound insulation;
  • protection from wind, precipitation, and temperature extremes;
  • ensuring fire safety;
  • no load on the base of the balcony;
  • no toxic fumes;
  • long service life.
Practical, convenient, and easy-to-maintain aluminum systems for balconies, loggias, winter gardens let in more light than wooden or metal-plastic ones. With such constructions, the indoor space becomes even cozier, well-lit, and comfortable.


If you want to use your balcony space as efficiently as possible, it’s better to choose a sliding system for glazing balconies. Depending on where the window structure will be installed, a distinction is made between "cold" and "warm" systems. Where thermal insulation is not needed or it is necessary to divide the space into zones, then "cold" systems are installed without a thermal bridge.

In "warm" systems, a thermal bridge is used, which retains the heat inside. They are installed in city apartments, country houses, restaurants, swimming pools and terraces to reduce heating costs.

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Are classic sliding systems better than lightweight ones?
Not necessarily better, they are just better at retaining heat indoors.
How can I order these classic sliding systems?
You can find out more information about balcony profiles, choose the desired design and place an order by contacting our consultants who are already waiting for your call.
Can I order custom systems?
Yes, we can make any aluminum item according to your design.
Do you ship to my country?
Yes, we can ship our production anywhere.