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Aluminum Heat Sinks

We produce aluminum heat sinks and other extrusions according to stock designs or special designs prepared by the customer. All our products are made of highly resistant alloys 6060 and 6063. We are located in Russia but welcome international customers and ship to all countries around the world.

Types of Aluminum Heatsink Extrusions

Aluminum heatsink extrusion profiles are applied to improve the heat dissipation of highly heating elements or to redirect heat to the cooling medium. It is irreplaceable in electrical power and radio equipment. We offer for sale various kinds of heat sinks.

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Select for Quote NAME S, cm2 M, kg/m D, mm IMAGE
Select for Quote NAMEAP 091 S, cm212.046 M, kg/m3.2645 D, mm70 AP 091
Select for Quote NAMEAP 131 S, cm21.47 M, kg/m0.398 D, mm20 AP 131
Select for Quote NAMEAP 135 S, cm27.62 M, kg/m2.1 D, mm60 AP 135
Select for Quote NAMEAP 235 S, cm29.4884 M, kg/m2.571 D, mm70.57 AP 235
Select for Quote NAMEAP 521 S, cm23.732 M, kg/m1.02 D, mm61 AP 521
Select for Quote NAMEAP 608 S, cm223.631 M, kg/m6.404 D, mm109.2 AP 608
Select for Quote NAMEAP 631 S, cm27.135 M, kg/m1.933 D, mm94.95 AP 631
Select for Quote NAMEAP 653 S, cm20.878 M, kg/m0.238 D, mm33.9 AP 653
Select for Quote NAMEAP 654 S, cm22.8 M, kg/m0.759 D, mm33.9 AP 654
Select for Quote NAMEAP 667 S, cm27.58 M, kg/m2.05 D, mm71.15 AP 667
Select for Quote NAMEAP 689 S, cm216.52 M, kg/m4.478 D, mm89.21 AP 689
Select for Quote NAMEAP 722 S, cm21.78 M, kg/m0.482 D, mm40.25 AP 722
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Depth in Inch: AP 091,Web Thick in Inch: 12.046,Flange Width in Inch.: 3.2645,Flange Thick. in Inch.: 70,Radius: N/A,Fillet: N/A
Depth in Inch: AP 131,Web Thick in Inch: 1.47,Flange Width in Inch.: 0.398,Flange Thick. in Inch.: 20,Radius: N/A,Fillet: N/A
Depth in Inch: AP 135,Web Thick in Inch: 7.62,Flange Width in Inch.: 2.1,Flange Thick. in Inch.: 60,Radius: N/A,Fillet: N/A
Depth in Inch: AP 235,Web Thick in Inch: 9.4884,Flange Width in Inch.: 2.571,Flange Thick. in Inch.: 70.57,Radius: N/A,Fillet: N/A
Depth in Inch: AP 521,Web Thick in Inch: 3.732,Flange Width in Inch.: 1.02,Flange Thick. in Inch.: 61,Radius: N/A,Fillet: N/A
Depth in Inch: AP 608,Web Thick in Inch: 23.631,Flange Width in Inch.: 6.404,Flange Thick. in Inch.: 109.2,Radius: N/A,Fillet: N/A
Depth in Inch: AP 631,Web Thick in Inch: 7.135,Flange Width in Inch.: 1.933,Flange Thick. in Inch.: 94.95,Radius: N/A,Fillet: N/A
Depth in Inch: AP 653,Web Thick in Inch: 0.878,Flange Width in Inch.: 0.238,Flange Thick. in Inch.: 33.9,Radius: N/A,Fillet: N/A
Depth in Inch: AP 654,Web Thick in Inch: 2.8,Flange Width in Inch.: 0.759,Flange Thick. in Inch.: 33.9,Radius: N/A,Fillet: N/A
Depth in Inch: AP 667,Web Thick in Inch: 7.58,Flange Width in Inch.: 2.05,Flange Thick. in Inch.: 71.15,Radius: N/A,Fillet: N/A
Depth in Inch: AP 689,Web Thick in Inch: 16.52,Flange Width in Inch.: 4.478,Flange Thick. in Inch.: 89.21,Radius: N/A,Fillet: N/A
Depth in Inch: AP 722,Web Thick in Inch: 1.78,Flange Width in Inch.: 0.482,Flange Thick. in Inch.: 40.25,Radius: N/A,Fillet: N/A

How Heat Sinks Work

Many heatsinks work with so-called cooling fins; a grooved plate that (possibly together with a fan) provides cooling. Air-cooled engines often have cooling fins on the cylinder and cylinder head. Due to a larger contact surface with the air, the block gets cooled faster. Cooling fins are made of good thermal conductors, usually aluminum. Optimal contact between cooling fins and components to be cooled is ensured by polishing the fins and by applying a layer of thermally conductive paste (e.g. colloidal silver).

The cooling effect of heat sink extrusions is measured in degrees Celsius or Kelvin per watt (°C/W or K/W), which means that every watt of power will make the device much warmer. The lower this value, the better a heat sink works. Vertically installed heat sinks work better than horizontal ones because the radiated heat rises whereas cool air gets drawn in.

Applications of Heat Sinks

Aluminum heat sinks are widely used in power electronics such as power supplies, computer processors, and amplifiers. Also, power resistors often feature them. Where static cooling is not sufficient, fans can be added so that the airflow along the cooling plate increases the heat dissipation to the environment. This is called forced cooling.

The temperature increase of electronic components, such as a microprocessor, can be limited by distributing the heat over a larger mass and allowing it to exchange (by increasing the surface area) with the ambient air.

Why Choose Our Heat Sink Extrusions

If you are looking for a cooler for your technical equipment, take a look at our offer. We offer durable, eco-friendly aluminum comb profiles in various sizes at low prices. Though they differ in shape, the number of fins, and wall thickness, their high quality remains unchanged. We use modern high-tech equipment and raw materials for our production. Our aluminum profiles meet the latest industry standards and customer requirements.

The company BK-ALPROF is among the most reliable aluminum heatsink extrusion manufacturers operating since 1999. Take a look at the catalog of our profiles. We will help you make the right choice and buy a comb shape profile. All the models have specifications and delivery options. Place an online order through the website or by phone +1 718 303 2335 or +7 800 500-60-04.

Looking for a manufacturer who has extensive experience in custom aluminum profiles?

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What is your minimum order quantity?
The smallest amount of product our customers can purchase is 500 kg or 1102 lbs.
Do you ship overseas?
Yes, we can ship your purchase to any destination.
How long will it take for an order to be manufactured?
The average production time is 10-30 days.
How long will it take for an order to be delivered?
It depends on the destination. For instance, delivery to the EU will take 7-12 days.