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Custom extrusions are a great opportunity to create a product with unique specifications using metal of the highest quality. At BK-ALPROF, our goal is to work with customers and help them with the most cost-effective business solutions. We provide an opportunity for ordering custom-designed extrusions. Our company is a supplier that will take your project, make a custom die for extruded shapes, and create anodized products you need.

We work on solutions for various applications and purposes. Whether you need small or large bespoke extrusions for such industries as construction, building, transport or manufacture, our team with more than 20 years of experience will design a cost-efficient solution.

BK-ALPROF production, materials and technologies used are DIN EN 12020:2 certified. For the manufacturing process, we use raw material of our own alloys 6060 and 6063 of the highest quality.

When you cannot find the perfect extrusion among standard shapes, BK-ALPROF is there to make it for you. We will be your supplier and provide you with custom aluminum extrusion products. We are ready to take your ideas and designs to then turn them into unique profiles meeting your requirements.

Custom Extrusion Finishes

There are also additional options available. We offer a variety of finishes for your custom aluminum profiles to customize your order even further. Anodizing and powder coating are great solutions to improve the rust-resistance, durability, color and general appearance of any extrusion – small or large – everything from massive industrial beams to extruded aluminum angles

Ordering Custom Extruded Parts from BK-ALPROF 

Our managers will be there to consult you at every step of the manufacturing from die design and creation to stock and delivery of your order. To get started and see your custom extrusion design come to life, fill in the form below, call us at +1-718-303-2335 or send us an email at bk-alprof@bk.ru for more information and cost; we will get in touch right back!

Various shapes of custom extrusions


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