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Extruded Aluminum Beams

At BK-ALPROF, as one of the best custom aluminum extrusion suppliers, we offer sturdy extruded aluminum beams for sale. The extrusion process is carried out by pressing heated or room temperature aluminum billets through a die. This, along with anodizing and tempering, helps the beams to last as long as possible with little upkeep or maintenance. Thanks to their design, strength, and resistance, they are often used in the construction industry and structural applications.

BK-ALPROF is a distributor of I-shaped beams made of aluminum. Our aluminum products are available in alloys 6060 and 6063, whether it’s an extruded aluminum tube, beam, moulding, or any other type.

Our sturdy aluminum extrusion beams make a commonly used material in various types of constructions where lightweight and vibration-resistant materials are needed. They can resist great pressure applied to them, and are often employed as support pieces. 

Application of Custom Structural Aluminum Beams

Extruded aluminum is used in various types of ceilings, suspensions, supporting structures and bridges; the main area of the ​​use of both standard and custom I-shaped structural aluminum beams is construction. Aluminum can be an acceptable material in the field of construction and hold heavy weight up, but it has to be blended with other metals. This way, the strength of aluminium can be as good as that of steel. Engineers often use aluminium alloys in components where low weight or high corrosion resistance is a must. Lightness, increased strength, the ability to withstand high pressure, and the configuration of the beams allow them to be applied as load-bearing structural elements in certain areas.

The most common structural aluminum alloys include 6063 aluminum. Among the distinguishing features of construction industry beams the main one is the corrosion resistance because quite often this material has to be exposed to water or harsh weather conditions. Also, it’s good at withstanding temperature fluctuations.

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Profiles types

 Digitally modelled custom structural aluminum beams  

Why Choose Extruded Aluminum Beams

People choose extruded aluminum for a number of reasons. This material is light and sturdy, which is a combination that aluminum is well-known for. It is also corrosion-resistant so it can be used in construction in stressful environments. The last important reason is that standard extruded aluminum profiles are cheaper than those made of stainless steel, they respond well to welding and are easy to make.

Steel beams are mostly applied as the main structural frames since they are capable of sustaining heavier weights. Aluminum beams are not as tough, so they are widely engaged in applications that don't call for major strength, such as structural components for dwelling houses, raftings, gutters, and awnings. 

We offer beams for a variety of industrial applications, the main ones include the following:

  • Constructions where support pieces have to resist great pressure;

  • Framework;

  • Vehicle components;

  • Safety railings;

  • Overhead supports.

For the production of these beams, alloys with moderate strength characteristics and high resistance to corrosion are most often used. I-beam aluminum profiles have the cross section in the shape of the letter "H" when viewed from the side. Thanks to the H-shaped cross section of this type, the load is evenly distributed over its whole surface.

Extrusion of Aluminum Beams

Extrusion is a method of creating metal items by pressing them through a die. The BK-ALPROF website presents types of standard profiles produced by the company, but it is possible to manufacture products according to customer drawings. Our factory will manufacture and supply any extruded aluminum profile necessary for your production. 

The company "BK-ALPROF" produces aluminum extrusion and manufactures a wide range of products from it in keeping with the standards ISO and DIN-EN 12020: 2 from alloys EN AW-6060 and EN AW-6063.

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