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Anodized flat aluminum trims and bars are metal products designed specifically to cover seams and joints in aluminum structures and used for a variety of other purposes. Besides being an aesthetic and supportive element, it is often used on the surface to cover seals and protect an object in areas where it can be struck or damaged from outside. 

Flat trim profiles and edgings are long, narrow and thin aluminum shapes produced through extrusion. They are commonly applied in automotive design and architecture. Extrusion molding is a process of shaping aluminium by forcing it out, or extruding through a die. Aluminum trims often get anodized, which helps them to strengthen their corrosion-resistance (see anodized aluminum tubing).

Ordering Custom Anodized Flat Aluminum Trims

To place a custom order, discuss details, or get answers to your questions, contact us by phone +1-718-303-2335, email bk-alprof@bk.ru, or by using the form below. We are ready to help you find the best solution for your custom aluminum trim requirements.

We’ll begin to manufacture your order after receiving half of the price.

Aluminum Trim Profiles Made by BK-ALPROF 

At BK-ALPROF, you will find aluminum trim profiles in various colors and finishes, which means they will blend perfectly with the interior where they will be used. We have an enormous variety of wholesale trims to be used anywhere from vehicles to walls and partitions. Its strength, lightweight and weather-resistance make it a great material to use for protection against damage. However, this is a product that should be customized for a particular project. We are glad to provide this opportunity! Also, check out other products such as aluminum square tubing.


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