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BK-ALPROF’s glazing systems are made of aluminum alloy AD31 covered with polymer powder coating. A full cycle of surface preparation, the use of the best reagents and powder paints, 100% quality control of the coating provide the best consumer properties and durability of painted profiles under conditions of exposure to a temperate climate for a period of at least 20 years.

BK-ALPROF produces three types of glazing systems: lightweight aluminum sliding systems, classic aluminum sliding systems, and swing systems.


Lightweight aluminum sliding systems are used for glazing balconies, loggias, winter gardens, gazebos, and verandas. They are lighter than classic sliding systems and commonly used in warmer climates. Both classic and lightweight sliding systems are great space savers and can be used in small areas - opened windows move along the rails in parallel and do not take up space inside the room. The structure is tamper-proof: it is impossible to open it from the outside. Has a hidden built-in latch that blocks the window.

Swing glazing systems allow you to implement various architectural and installation solutions. As well as sliding systems, swing systems protect from bad weather, retaining heat in the room.

We not only produce aluminum profiles for glazing systems, we also produce alloys for the systems and can offer the best prices on the market. Contact our team for any questions by +1 718 303 2335


How can I order the gazling systems?
You can order glazing systems made with aluminum profiles by phone or on the website. BK-ALPROF serves individuals and enterprises. We invite dealers, construction companies, and repair teams to cooperate.
How much do glazing systems cost?
To know the price, please, contact our sales team by +1 718 303 2335 or use our contact form.
What are these glazing systems used for?
Manufacturing company BK-ALPROF LLC offers aluminum glazing systems, used for loggias, balconies, gazebos, winter gardens,  and verandas. Their main function is protection from wind, dust, low temperatures, insects, rain, etc.
  • Sliding System (Lightweight)
  • Sliding System (Classic)
  • Swing System For Glazing

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