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Sliding System (Lightweight)

Sliding System (Lightweight)

BK-ALPROF offers lightweight aluminum sliding systems, mainly used for glazing balconies, loggias, winter gardens, gazebos, verandas. They are called lightweight due to their low heat-saving properties. Their main function is protection from wind, dust, rain, and other atmospheric phenomena. Lightweight sliding systems maintain a comfortable temperature inside. In the cold season, the difference with the outside temperature is on average 7-9 ° C.

The popularity of balcony glass doors and windows made from aluminum profiles is due to the price and ease of installation. The ability to move it sideways saves every centimeter of any area. The improved sliding mechanism does not put a lot of load on the rollers, which explains the durability of sliding structures for balconies.


Sliding systems for windows and doors made with aluminum profiles are lightweight which saves the load-bearing structures of the building from being burdened. There is no risk of collapsing with the aluminum products of BK-ALPROF LLC.

When manufacturing our lightweight frames, we use AD31 alloy, which has a high resistance to corrosion. An alloy from the group of deformable aircraft is plastic. It has proven itself well in aggressive atmospheric conditions - it is not afraid of moisture, high and low temperatures, and is fireproof. In a temperate climate, an aluminum sliding system for a balcony or winter garden manufactured by BK-ALPROF will serve for at least 20 years.

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Do aluminum sliding systems keep warmth indoors?
To a certain extent, yes. The main function of lightweight systems is to protect the room from rain, dust and noise. If your main goal is heat retention, then you better choose the classic version.
Can you deliver to my country?
Sure we can. We can ship these systems to any country.
How can I know the price?
In order to know the price, parse contact our sales team by phone +1 718 303 2335 or use our special form.