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Aluminum Profiles for Furniture (analog Raumplus, Comandor)

Aluminum Profiles for Furniture (analog Raumplus, Comandor)

BK-ALPROF manufactures and supplies aluminum profiles for furniture. Reliable material is the main condition for the safe and long-term operation of furniture with movable elements. BK-ALPROF produces systems made of anodized aluminum that serve for decades.

Their distinguishing features:

  • High corrosion resistance. Constant humidity and contact with water are not dangerous for metal parts of these furniture systems. These aluminum elements can be used even in a bathroom;

  • Wear resistance. An oxide film is an important strengthening component, due to which scratches or abrasions will not appear on these aluminum furniture extrusions during intensive use.

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Aluminum Profiles for Furniture We Produce

Select for Quote NAME S, cm2 M, kg/m D, mm IMAGE
Select for Quote NAMEAP 119 S, cm23.027 M, kg/m0.820 D, mm90 AP 119
Select for Quote NAMEAP 120 S, cm21.058 M, kg/m0.286 D, mm64 AP 120
Select for Quote NAMEAP 121 S, cm20.864 M, kg/m0.234 D, mm25 AP 121
Select for Quote NAMEAP 122 S, cm21.743 M, kg/m0.472 D, mm58 AP 122
Select for Quote NAMEAP 123 S, cm21.803 M, kg/m0.4886 D, mm42 AP 123
Select for Quote NAMEAP 123-1 S, cm21.695 M, kg/m0.460 D, mm41.1 AP 123-1
Select for Quote NAMEAP 144 S, cm21.837 M, kg/m0.498 D, mm44 AP 144
Select for Quote NAMEAP 145 S, cm20.575 M, kg/m0.156 D, mm25 AP 145
Select for Quote NAMEAP 146 S, cm21.933 M, kg/m0.524 D, mm38 AP 146
Select for Quote NAMEAP 480 S, cm22.37 M, kg/m0.642 D, mm89.44 AP 480
Select for Quote NAMEAP 481 S, cm21.375 M, kg/m0.373 D, mm55.9 AP 481
Select for Quote NAMEAP 482 S, cm20.676 M, kg/m0.183 D, mm23.4 AP 482
Select for Quote NAMEAP 484 S, cm20.95 M, kg/m0.257 D, mm27.3 AP 484
Select for Quote NAMEAP 485 S, cm20.93 M, kg/m0.252 D, mm62.3 AP 485
Select for Quote NAMEAP 486 S, cm21.504 M, kg/m0.407 D, mm41.4 AP 486
Select for Quote NAMEAP 487 S, cm21.486 M, kg/m0.403 D, mm41.37 AP 487
Select for Quote NAMEAP 574 S, cm21.626 M, kg/m0.441 D, mm42.71 AP 574
Select for Quote NAMEAP 609 S, cm21.13 M, kg/m0.306 D, mm63 AP 609
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Depth in Inch: AP 119,Web Thick in Inch: 3.027,Flange Width in Inch.: 0.820,Flange Thick. in Inch.: 90,Radius: N/A,Fillet: N/A
Depth in Inch: AP 120,Web Thick in Inch: 1.058,Flange Width in Inch.: 0.286,Flange Thick. in Inch.: 64,Radius: N/A,Fillet: N/A
Depth in Inch: AP 121,Web Thick in Inch: 0.864,Flange Width in Inch.: 0.234,Flange Thick. in Inch.: 25,Radius: N/A,Fillet: N/A
Depth in Inch: AP 122,Web Thick in Inch: 1.743,Flange Width in Inch.: 0.472,Flange Thick. in Inch.: 58,Radius: N/A,Fillet: N/A
Depth in Inch: AP 123,Web Thick in Inch: 1.803,Flange Width in Inch.: 0.4886,Flange Thick. in Inch.: 42,Radius: N/A,Fillet: N/A
Depth in Inch: AP 123-1,Web Thick in Inch: 1.695,Flange Width in Inch.: 0.460,Flange Thick. in Inch.: 41.1,Radius: N/A,Fillet: N/A
Depth in Inch: AP 144,Web Thick in Inch: 1.837,Flange Width in Inch.: 0.498,Flange Thick. in Inch.: 44,Radius: N/A,Fillet: N/A
Depth in Inch: AP 145,Web Thick in Inch: 0.575,Flange Width in Inch.: 0.156,Flange Thick. in Inch.: 25,Radius: N/A,Fillet: N/A
Depth in Inch: AP 146,Web Thick in Inch: 1.933,Flange Width in Inch.: 0.524,Flange Thick. in Inch.: 38,Radius: N/A,Fillet: N/A
Depth in Inch: AP 480,Web Thick in Inch: 2.37,Flange Width in Inch.: 0.642,Flange Thick. in Inch.: 89.44,Radius: N/A,Fillet: N/A
Depth in Inch: AP 481,Web Thick in Inch: 1.375,Flange Width in Inch.: 0.373,Flange Thick. in Inch.: 55.9,Radius: N/A,Fillet: N/A
Depth in Inch: AP 482,Web Thick in Inch: 0.676,Flange Width in Inch.: 0.183,Flange Thick. in Inch.: 23.4,Radius: N/A,Fillet: N/A
Depth in Inch: AP 484,Web Thick in Inch: 0.95,Flange Width in Inch.: 0.257,Flange Thick. in Inch.: 27.3,Radius: N/A,Fillet: N/A
Depth in Inch: AP 485,Web Thick in Inch: 0.93,Flange Width in Inch.: 0.252,Flange Thick. in Inch.: 62.3,Radius: N/A,Fillet: N/A
Depth in Inch: AP 486,Web Thick in Inch: 1.504,Flange Width in Inch.: 0.407,Flange Thick. in Inch.: 41.4,Radius: N/A,Fillet: N/A
Depth in Inch: AP 487,Web Thick in Inch: 1.486,Flange Width in Inch.: 0.403,Flange Thick. in Inch.: 41.37,Radius: N/A,Fillet: N/A
Depth in Inch: AP 574,Web Thick in Inch: 1.626,Flange Width in Inch.: 0.441,Flange Thick. in Inch.: 42.71,Radius: N/A,Fillet: N/A
Depth in Inch: AP 609,Web Thick in Inch: 1.13,Flange Width in Inch.: 0.306,Flange Thick. in Inch.: 63,Radius: N/A,Fillet: N/A

Our catalog includes components for sliding wardrobes, doors, decoration, and other furniture elements:

  • Upper and lower tracks (AP 120, 485, 609). Aluminum profiles for rollers are used in the production of cabinets with several sliding doors, interior partitions, etc;

  • Vertical profiles-handles. Open AP 123, 486, 574 provide a secure grip and easily move massive doors of cabinets and partitions. Closed AP 487, 607 are convenient for small light doors;

  • Upper and lower crossbars. The narrow aluminum profile for furniture AP 121 is designed for glass doors;

  • Connectors. They are used for joining several panels of glass or other material, reinforcing furniture facades of a large area.

If ready-made options do not suit you, you can order custom furniture profiles with individual parameters (color, length, dimensions) from us. The wait time for manufacturing structures of any complexity is no more than three weeks. Check the prices and terms of delivery to your city with the sales team of the BK-ALPROF company.

Looking for a manufacturer who has extensive experience in custom aluminum profiles?

Tell us about your requests and we will be glad to help you! Click here, fill in the form and get a free quote not more than after 24 hours.

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What countries do you ship to?
We can ship our profiles to any country.
How many kg can I order?
The minimum amount is 500 kg or 1102 lbs.
What finishes do you use?
We can treat aluminum with anodizing or powder coating.
What alloys the profiles are made of?
All our aluminum profiles are made of either alloy 6063 or 6060.