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Aluminum profiles for window ledges

BK-ALPROF offers an extensive selection of standard and custom window frame aluminum extrusions for renovation projects and systems made from scratch. There is a variety of shapes, sizes, finishes, and performance capabilities in all our aluminum products. We use high-quality raw materials that are alloys 6060 and 6063 to manufacture profiles and framing systems meeting your needs.

If you need the best solutions and looking for a company supplying custom window frame aluminum extrusions, BK-ALPROF is there for you. Our expert technicians with more than 15 years of experience will accompany you through the entire production process and bring the maximum number of aluminum product benefits to your project.

To place a custom order, discuss details, or get answers to your questions, contact us by phone +1-718-303-2335, email bk-alprof@bk.ru , or by using the form below. We are ready to meet your custom window frame aluminum extrusion requirements.

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