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Aluminum Bus Shelters

Aluminum Bus Shelters

For many years, a bus shelter is something that is used every day by thousands of people. However, not always one bus stop can last at least several years in a row - and maintenance is quite expensive. Modern cities have lots more to be bothered about besides a transit shelter and a smoking shelter repair. 

Aluminum bus station shelters have proven to be one of the best and long-lasting stops. This material is strong enough to fight against winds, rains, blizzards, and other unexpected gifts from the sky. It does not require any specific care and is ready to serve you for many years.

Another important issue for cities is the design. Aluminum bus shelters can be created in different shapes with some figures and be adjusted to the environment and the atmosphere of any particular area of the city.

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It’s so easy to get confused when it comes to making decisions in which the consequences of a bad choice will last for a long time. Our well-educated and qualified team will help you to create the perfect metal bus station shelter according to your wishes and demands. 

Our Benefits

Quick Turnaround
Get high-quality products by the time fixed in the contract.
Quality Assurance
Aluminum extrusion processes meet governmental standards DIN EN 12020-2 and GOST22233-2018
Highly Technological Equipment
Professional staff working with machines from leading world manufacturers
Full-Cycle Production
Aluminum profile production from raw materials to packing and delivery.
How does it work?
1. Custom Order Design
Analyze your needs and get in touch with our custom design service. Meet all of your requirements with endless aluminum extrusion possibilities.
2. Aluminum Production
We do casting and extrusion to make your aluminum extrusion products outstanding. We also make translucent aluminum structures.
3. Aluminum Finishing
We offer attractive aluminum finishing techniques including anodizing, powder coating, and more.
4. Packaging & Delivery
BK-ALPROF offers custom packaging solutions suitable for all extruded aluminum shapes. All products will be safely delivered within a fixed time.
Years in Business
Press Lines
18,000 t
Capacity Per Year
Plant Area
Explore the possibilites
For the growing demand for custom aluminum extrusion products, we aim at providing a variety of aluminum solution for you
Stages of Aluminum Extrusion
We make a mixture of raw materials that are melted down to make an alloy. Then we form aluminum into a wide array of products.
The billet is transferred to the cradle and then crushed against the die, becoming shorter and wider until it has full contact with the container walls.
The extrusion profile is quickly cooled to preserves characteristics, mechanical properties, and tolerances.
We treat the extrusion profile with heat to obtain maximum strength, hardness, and elasticity.
Finishing and packaging
Finishing and packaging
Finishing and packaging
The final step is surface finishing to protect the profile and enhance its appearance.
Quality Is Guaranteed
Raw materials used in the production of aluminum profiles meet the id="name"ents of the governmental standard GOST 4784-97 and international standard DIN-EN 573-3.

Compliance of products with id="name"ents of governmental standards DIN EN 12020-2, GOST22233-2018 is confirmed by the Certificate of conformity №РОСС RU.АЕ58.Н11994.
How many shelters can I order?
Any number exceeding 500 kg or 1102 lbs.
Can you manufacture custom bus stop shelters?
Yes, we can. At BK-ALPROF, we are able to make aluminum shelters in accordance with your specifications.
Are there any shelters in stock?
No, we start the manufacturing process only after your order is confirmed.
What finishing do you provide for shelters?
We can treat the aluminum parts of shelters with anodization and powder coating.
Do you ship to my country? How long will it take?
Yes, we do ship to your country. If you are located in Europe, you will receive your shipment in about 10 days. Please, contact our managers for more information.
What are your delivery conditions?
We can ship your bus shelters by using various methods and companies. Please, contact our sales team for further information.
Custom Aluminum Extrusion for Your Business
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