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Standard Extruded Aluminum Shapes

At BK-ALPROF, we offer a vast variety of standard extruded aluminum shapes for sale. Some of our typical aluminum extrusion profiles include angles, bars, tees, rectangular, square, and round tubes or different lengths and leg sizes. 

All these shapes are available in 6060 and 6063 alloys. For the production of high-quality structural profiles for various applications, we use certified raw materials. To get more information about extruded aluminum shapes we offer, contact us by filling the form below or by calling at +1-718-303-2335.

Extrusion of Standard Aluminum Profiles

Extrusion is a method of creating objects of cross-sectional shapes by pressing raw material through dies. This method is widely applied in the production of aluminum items to make them sturdy and aesthetic. Among the most valuable features of this method over other manufacturing methods is the ability to easily create complex cross-sections.

The most common basic types of standard profile aluminium extrusions are the following:

  • Aluminum angles

  • Round aluminum tubes

  • Square aluminum tubes

  • Rectangular aluminum tubes

  • T-shape aluminum profiles

  • Aluminum trims and bars

  • Structural aluminum beams

  • Comb-type aluminum profiles

Anodizing and Powder Coating of Standard Aluminum Extrusions

Two common finishing techniques used in our company are anodizing and powder coating.

Anodizing is a process applied in order to thicken the natural oxide layer on the surface of aluminum. Anodized standard aluminum profiles are not any stronger than other kinds of aluminum shapes, but they are exceptionally rust-proof, and boast improved adhesion which allows them to be dyed properly.

Powder coating fulfills the function of paint, but in a more sophisticated way. It is eco-friendly and makes aluminum profiles hold their color longer than alternatives.

Standard Extrusions at BK-ALPROF

BK-ALPROF has been professionally manufacturing standard extruded aluminum profiles since 1999. We are happy to offer you various products made of our own raw material. Moreover, you can place an order not only for standard types of aluminum extrusions, but also customized ones created in keeping with your drawings.

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