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Swing System For Glazing

Swing System For Glazing

BK-AlPROF manufactures swing systems for glazing from aluminum. These high-strength aluminum profiles for glazing balconies and loggias are fireproof, they do not twist, do not crack, do not oxidize. The swing systems allow you to implement various architectural and installation solutions. They quite well protect from bad weather and retain heat indoors.


Aluminum systems for balconies include a locking mechanism; the window is closed using a handle and hinge accessories. The window can open inwards or outwards, depending on the type of fittings. Our company manufactures modernized aluminum profiles for balconies. The models are supplemented with a fitting element, due to which the window can be slightly opened a certain angle vertically when the handle is turned up. This opening method is called “swing-out”.


Profiles with a swing system are in high demand due to their advantageous features:

  • A special ventilation device with microscopic slots and a swing-out mechanism contribute to the full ventilation of your balcony without completely opening the glass unit. 
  • It does not require a lot of space, therefore it is suitable for window units with narrow openings.
  • The windows are easy to clean from the outside as opening the window allows unhindered access.
  • Reliable fittings rarely fail.
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How can I order swing systems?
To order aluminum swing systems from BK-ALPROF, fill out an application on our website or call +1 718 303 2335.
How can I get the price?
Please contact our sales team. After signing a contract for the supply of profiles and 50% payment for the services, we will begin to manufacture your order.
Do you ship your production to any country?
Yes. We can ship our swing systems all over the world.