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About the company: aluminum profiles of wide range  

ООО «BK-ALPROF» is the manufacturer of extrusion profiles of various designation of aluminum alloys. 

алюминиевый профиль

The main types of the enterprise activity – extrusion of profile, casting of solid extrusion billets, translucent structures production.

ООО «BK-ALPROF» is the modern, dynamically developing enterprise – it has been founded on the 3rd of June 2003. The plant is located in the city Belaya Kalitva of Rostov region. The total area is over 15000 square m. 

The main type of activity is extrusion of aluminum profiles of various designation:

алюминиевый профиль

Production is equipped with modern highly technological equipment with total capacity up to 18000 t. of aluminum profiles per year, two lines of powder coating, ensuring high quality and durability of decorative coating due to multiple-staged preparation of the surface. Raw materials of own production, meeting requirements of governmental standard GOST 4784-97 and international standards DIN-EN 573-3 are used for extrusion of aluminum profile. Compliance of products with requirements of governmental standards GOST8617-81, GOST22233-01 is confirmed by the Certificate of conformity №РОСС RU.АЕ58.Н11994. Nomenclature groups of the manufactured aluminum profiles are permanently updated taking into consideration new requirements in construction, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, new structures are being developed, meeting demands of construction industry.

ООО «BK-ALPROF» manufactures aluminum profile, aluminum structures, purchases aluminum scrap.