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Documents and Quality Certificates

Governmental standard GOST 9.410-88 «The single system of protection against corrosion and ageing. Polymeric powder coatings. Typical technological processes»

This standard applies to polymeric powder coatings (hereinafter referred to as the coatings), obtained from the polymeric powder materials (hereinafter referred to as powder materials), and establishes general requirements to operations of technological process of obtaining coatings for metallic and non-metallic (glass, ceramic) surfaces and methods of technological process and quality of coatings parameters control.


Governmental standard GOST 22233-2001 «Pressed profiles of aluminum alloys for translucent enclosing structures. Technical conditions»

This standard applies to profiles of aluminum alloys of the system aluminum-magnesium-silicon, manufactured by the method of hot pressing and designed for using in translucent enclosing structures of buildings and facilities. The requirements of this standard apply to profiles-semi-finished products and ready profiles (hereinafter referred to as profiles) with diameter of circumcircle up to 300 mm, as well as the combined profiles with diameter of the circumcircle of every aluminum element up to 300 mm. 


Governmental standard GOST 8617-81«Pressed profiles of aluminum alloys. Technical conditions»

This standard applies to pressed profiles of aluminum and aluminum alloys, designated for the needs of the national economy and for export.