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Purchasing Aluminum Scrap (AD0, AD1, AD31, А5 and А7)

The company ООО «BK-ALPROF» purchases aluminum scrap, pig AD31, for the own production needs.

Aluminum pig in the familiar form is a usual ingot of light metal of horizontal foundry. The main distinctive feature of this ingot is the presence of special necking due to which the form looks a little bit differently, it differs from the precious metals ingots.

Aluminum pig is required mainly for ensuring convenient transportation of metal but at that it does not have any restrictions in its dimensions.

Thus, the company «BK-ALPROF» purchases aluminum scrap of the following criteria:

  • Aluminum scrap, pig of alloys AD0, AD1, AD31, А5 and А7 in accordance with the established governmental standards GOST 4784-97 and GOST 11069-2001

  • Aluminum scrap of electro-technical wires

  • Scrap AD31

  • Aluminum scrap in the form of cisterns

  • Aluminum scrap of electro-technical tires

Requirements to the purchased scrap

 The company «BK-ALPROF» purchases aluminum scrap in accordance with the following requirements:

  • Aluminum scrap must not have inclusions in the form of self-tapping screws, bolts, awnings, pins and others.

  • Aluminum scrap must not have any decorative inserts of filmy, rubber or copper materials, as well as insulation, braids or thermal inserts.

  • There must be no rubbish on the taken-in aluminum scrap.

  • Dimensions of the aluminum scrap of cistern must comply with dimensions 1000х1500 millimeters

  • Aluminum scrap is supplied in packets

One can contact representatives of the company on the following phones: (86383) 2-60-04; 2-71-36 in order to scrap aluminum scrap.