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Powder Coating

ООО «BK-ALPROF» powder coating line is founded on the base of the modern equipment complex WAGNER (Germany). Profiles are coated in the electrostatic field in accordance with governmental standard GOST 9.410-88. The range of colors is over 200 color shades as per RAL scale. Luster of surface is from glazed 90% to mat 7%. The surface type: smooth, lacquer, shagreen, moire, arabeskato. Thickness of coating is 60-100 um. Maximal length of the coated profile is 6,7 m. The full cycle of preparing coated surfaces (etching, degreasing, phosphatizing) ensures high quality and improved protective properties of lacquer-coating coatings, the guaranteed timing of their service life in the conditions of open atmosphere of moderate climate is not less than 10-12 years. Quality control is carried out by experienced technologists, on the base of own laboratory.

We offer you coated profile for sliding door wardrobes, used inside building. We use powder paint BECKERS (Poland) to coat profile, the paint imitates colors of anodizing:

  • «Chrome – classic» (semi-mat)

  • «Champagne – classic» (semi-mat)

  • «Gold – classic» (semi-mat)

The product has certificate №п.050771.08.09 as of the 5th of August 2009.


We offer to your attention the new colors of coating interior and furniture profile.