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Profile Extrusion

The enterprise is equipped with modern highly technological equipment of the European level. Products are being manufactured at three press lines, two of them are on the base of hydraulic presses with capacity 12500 kN each and one is made by the Italian company OMAV, on the base of the press SMS with capacity 18000 kN. The productivity is 18000 t of profiles per year. The complexes are equipped with modern computer automated control system, ensuring reliable work of all the machines, precise compliance of the set technological parameters.

The profiles are manufactured in accordance with the governmental standards GOST 8617-81, GOST 22233-01 of aluminum alloy AD31 (6063, 6060). The existing equipment and technology allow to press profiles of solid and hollow section of various configuration and degree of complexity, fitting in the circumference with diameter of 180 mm. Nomenclature groups of the manufactured profiles are the wide list, ranging from the standard construction ones up to the complicated, made as per the customer’s drawings, used both in construction and the automotive, electro-technical industry, mechanical engineering.

Dies (matrixes), made by the leading European manufacturers, are used to produce aluminum profiles. Correction, routine servicing of extrusion tools are carried out at the extrusion tool correction area, equipped with sandblast installation and the furnace of matrixes nitriding. The profiles are supplied depending on the required mechanical properties of the product, in the following conditions of supply:

  • hot-pressed (hot-pressed without further heat treatment);

  • Т5 (not fully quenched and artificially aged);

  • Т1 (fully quenched and artificially aged).

Quality control of the manufactured goods is performed by the technical control service at all the technological operations. Quality of products is confirmed by the certificate.