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Production of Translucent Structures

производство алюминиевых профилей

The area of assembling translucent structures of aluminum and reinforced-plastic profile has been successfully operating at the enterprise starting from the beginning of 2006.

The aluminum coated profile (analogue of profile PROVEDAL C-640) of own production and the accessories of the leading European and Russian manufacturers are used for extensible system of balconies and loggias glazing.

Reinforced-concrete structures are made of profile КВЕ (Germany) and they are completed with accessories ROTO NT.

The area is equipped with modern metal processing equipment of Western Germany and Italian production for preparatory and assembling operations in accordance with modern technologies. 

Balconies glazing

Aluminum coated system for balconies and loggias glazing (analog PROVEDAL C-640)

Balconies/loggias aluminum glazing is used when protection against atmospheric precipitations and wind is required because aluminum is characterized of high heat conductivity, glazing is usually done in one glass.

The system of profiles for balconies and loggias glazing PROVEDAL C-640 allows to make structures with sliding system. The sliding system is convenient and practical. Such a glazing does not require additional space for opening frames that is convenient at balconies and loggias, where there is always lack of space.

Aluminum frames are very durable but thin and light-weighted. It allows to make external glazing without complicated and expensive actions on strengthening parapet.

One can glaze balcony of the most inventive form, combining different types of frames (solid and adjustable frames). But polished glass (the thickness is 4-5 mm), used for glazing, one can put toning film. Very durable burglar retardant accessories ensure security, tight fitting of flaps and effective protection against draughts.

Profile is usually of white color but it is possible to paint it in any color as per RAL scale, using powder spraying method in the plant conditions. Coating is very durable, it does not lose color after time, it does not blur, it does not require any servicing. Aluminum frames do not require periodic coating, they are convenient, durable and modern.

And there is one more quite important advantage of aluminum structures — they are absolutely fire-proof.

The enterprise «BK-ALPROF», being the manufacturer of aluminum profile, offers modern and reliable glazing at quite affordable price. High quality of the used materials and accessories make our structures convenient and durable. The crew of experienced installers carries out quick and proper installation in the time, convenient for Customer. 


Profile КВЕ, perfect German quality of which is indisputable, is used to make reinforced plastic structures. This profile is used in 23 countries of the world, at that in every country, including Russia, taking into account climatic peculiarities. Period of the products of КВЕ life service is over 40 years.

Accessories are the products of the Western Germany company ROTO NT, it guarantees reliable and convenient use of windows.


Modern plastic windows are complicated highly technological structures. Strict compliance with the technologies, high level of production automation, multiple-staged quality control, - fulfillment of these conditions allows to provide to our customers windows, corresponding to all the requirements of Russian and foreign standards. Our enterprise has its own modern production line. Quality of goods is confirmed by the Certificate of conformity.


Installation of reinforced-plastic structures is performed by crews of experienced installers in the time, convenient for the Customer, at that professional assembling materials are used. Guarantee servicing is carried out within the shortest timelines after receiving of requisition.